Listen: Dream Wife – ‘Hey Heartbreaker’

So a couple of weeks ago we missed the boat a little. It was Valentine’s Day, it was a Sunday, and yeah, we kind of missed that really awesome cover that Dream Wife did of Peaches’ ‘Fuck The Pain Away.’ Sorry about that (though it is amazing, so you should still check it out). To make up for it, we’re giving you a little look at the first track from their upcoming self-titled EP, ‘Hey Heartbreaker’ (there’s a bit of an anti-love theme going on with them at the minute apparently).

The track thunders along with a feral intensity, clawing at your ears with its jagged punk and rock’n’roll licks. But like their Spanish counterparts Hinds, they’ve got so much charisma and love of unpolished pop that you can’t help but love it; if you’re not howling along with Icelandic vocalist Rakel Mjoll by the end of ‘Hey Heartbreaker,’ we can’t help you.

Listen to ‘Hey Heartbreaker’ below. The Dream Wife EP is out on 11th March.

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