Listen: San Felu – ‘Sanctuary Blues’

It was the back end of 2015. Continuing our quest to find new music, we stumbled across San Felu. San Felu were associated with Grace Lightman, whose single ‘Vapour Trails’ struck us with its ethereal beauty, and also with Liu Bei, whose musical tribute to the late Philip Seymour Hoffman almost had us in tears (literally). With their single ‘Cape of Good Hope,’ San Felu had us gripped.

A good few months on from discovering the wonders of ‘Cape of Good Hope,’ San Felu are thankfully back with their latest single ‘Sanctuary Blues.’ Like its predecessor, it’s mournful, filled with emotion, contains a weeping synth line and the kind of epic doom that made The National an institution. If San Felu keep traveling in this direction, they might become as Berninger’s melancholic crew.

Listen to ‘Sanctuary Blues’ below.

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