Listen: Tacocat – ‘I Hate The Weekend’

Ask many people if they hate the weekend and the answer will probably be “no.” There’s probably a few cops and disgruntled paramedics out there who look at Saturday night and are suddenly filled with dread but for most people it’s a blast of sunshine to help close off that dull week at work. Unless you’re Tacocat. Seattle proto-punks Tacocat don’t like the weekend so much.

One of the latest tracks from their new album Lost Time even proclaims (very) loud and clear that the group hates the weekend. But that’s weird because the track has a wonderfully buoyant and jolly disposition to it, like 90s riot grrl filtered through Nickelodeon TV shows (good ones). No wonder they got asked to write the new Powerpuff Girls theme song…

Listen to ‘I Hate The Weekend’ below.

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