Listen: The Hanged Man – ‘Invincible Trees’

Former guitarist of bounce-pop outfit Those Dancing Days and bassist in Vulkano Rebeka Rolfart released her debut EP under the name The Hanged Man more than a year and a half ago. For those of us searching once again for the darkness that permeated her introspective solo project, she’s thankfully back with another small collection, Lord Have Mercy.

Despite having that dark soul intact, Rolfart has changed direction musically on ‘Invincible Trees.’ Her sound now evokes an almost terrifying intensity while also bordering on being an all-out dance track. The pop sensibilities left over from Those Dancing Days are still intact though, as the track has a contagious sheen that climaxes in a whirlwind of distortion. It’s imposing and presents a first look into the even stormier world of The Hanged Man.

Listen to ‘Invincible Trees’ below. Lord Have Mercy is out now on Kning Disk.

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