Watch: Yaeji – ‘New York 93’

Anyone familiar with the underground electronic scene might be familiar with the name Yaeji. The alter ego of Big Apple-based producer Kathy Lee, Yaeji has been putting out a steady stream of tracks for the past year but recently signed to GODMODE, one of the cornerstones of that very underground scene. Yaeji’s debut track for them, ‘New York 93,’ comes as part of GODMODE’s Faculty Series, and it’s just been given a hypnotic new video.

The song itself is a muted, haunting and somewhat creepy slice of minimalist electronica, that’s accompanied by a video that’s filled with soft focus, overlapping shots, streaming lights and more. It’s about New York but the video could easily have come from one of Wong Kar-wai’s most ethereal movies about Hong Kong, giving a strange sense of being displaced from time and space. It’s weird and a little alienating, but in a perfectly captivating way.

Watch the video for ‘New York 93’ below.

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