Listen: Mafalda – ‘Run’

London-based singer-songwriter Mafalda starting catching everyone’s attention with a small handful of minimal yet grabbing tracks at the back end of last year. Striking a balance between smouldering and emotive, she let her vocals glide over some minimal beats that were all lovingly atmospheric. On ‘Giving Up’ two months ago she even managed to pull off a kind-of dance anthem.

But if anyone happens to be following Mafalda’s Instagram account then you’ll know that she’s been pretty, well, active in the studio lately. So it’s no surprise that she’s graced us with ‘Run.’ No, it’s not a Snow Patrol cover but instead a slightly more stripped-down compared to ‘Giving Up.’ So we get to hear more of her silky vocals. That’s always a good thing.

Listen to ‘Run’ below.

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