Listen: Babeheaven – ‘Heaven’

Image: Lily Bertrand Webb

In the coming months, five-piece Babeheaven will be supporting Loyle Carner, Beach Baby and Baio. That’s quite a little roster, and a diverse one at that. The different artists wanting Babeheaven to support them on tour is testament to the group’s ever-shifting attitude towards sound and their mutual appreciation for a range of genres, from electro and soul to indie and trip hop.

It’s little surprise then that on their debut single ‘Heaven’ they try to show off the best of this eclecticism. At first it’s a slow-burning, sparse indie track with only minimal synth input but before long the percussion builds, the rhythms layer and lead singer Nancy holds the fort with her gliding, effortless vocals. Originally inspired by the passing of Nancy’s mother when she was young, the lyrics try to maintain a universal appeal by widening the net and speaking of broader concepts of staying strong in front of others. It’s deep, and poignant, but a lovingly crafted introduction to what Babeheaven are all about.

Listen to ‘Heaven’ below.

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