Listen: Thea Stapnes – ‘Follow The River’

I saw the take that Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe did on the Robin Hood story and you know, it wasn’t all that bad. But I didn’t think it would actually go on to inspire a song. Yet Norwegian Thea Stapnes was struck by one of the lines in the film: “rise and rise again until lambs become lions.” Taking that mantra to heart, she’s written her stirring, decidedly different track ‘Follow the River.’

Aided by producers Oystein Skar (Highasakite) and Odd Martin Skalnes (who’s worked with Aurora), ‘Follow the River’ sees Stapnes deviating away from her usual singer-songwriter schtick into a more harsh and electronic direction, with harsh, woody percussion and glistening synth lines permeating the track and flute-like sounds punctuating the chorus. Even if you didn’t particularly enjoy Scott and Crowe’s movie, you can probably agree that Stapnes’ crystalline song is a highly positive by-product.

Listen to ‘Follow the River’ below.

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