Listen: Girl Friend – ‘Waste My Time’

Manchester has a long history of chart-bothering acts that seep into the collective consciousness; whether it’s the electro-indie of New Order or the lad Britpop of Oasis, the city is noted for their high-profile bands. So spare a quick thought for Girl Friend, who have one of those un-Googlable names that mean they’ve flown under the radar for a couple of years, releasing a steady stream of really solid EPs and gradually generating some all-important hype.

Taken from the group’s upcoming debut album, to be released later in the year, ‘Waste My Time’ is Girl Friend’s latest single; while their tunes have always been a blast of pure-pop perfection that harks back to 90s electro with a tinge of early Depeche Mode, this effort is probably their most mainstream-ready track yet. The subject of the song might be wasting Girl Friend’s time, but this song isn’t wasting ours.

Listen to ‘Waste of Time’ below.

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