Listen: MUNA – ‘Winterbreak’

Fans of Chairlift, Chinah and Wet take note: Los Angeles trio MUNA might be your next favourite band. Describing themselves as ‘dark pop,’ the group’s latest track is filled with the type of soft electronic production, R&B and funk-inspired basslines and intimate grooves that would make their predecessors blush. It’s a carefully constructed piece of pop that’s equally tight, effortless and gripping.

The band shared some thoughts about the song with The Fader: “This song is about a love that you can’t reconcile — wanting to make a home out of a person that has proved to you time and again that they are not a home; they are just a person. It’s about retracing scars, negative patterns, all with the silent belief that moments of communion and understanding might justify months of misfiring and regret. We’re all just trying to get back to that “first high” feeling — an honest endeavour, however futile.”

Listen to ‘Winterbreak’ below.

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