Listen: XYLO – ‘Bang Bang’

For the past year Los Angeles duo XYLO have been treating us to some sublime, luscious R&B-tinged electropop with tunes like ‘The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea,’ ‘LA Love Song’ and ‘America.’ All of them are beautifully constructed and gorgeously implemented and you can say the same about their latest single too.

Except, there’s something quite a bit different about XYLO’s latest offering. It’s perhaps because the whole speedy two minute burst is like something from a pop punk record than a dreampop outfit. ‘Bang Bang’ speeds along with no care in the world, with distorted vocals, layers upon layers of percussion and a stuttering synth lingering in the background. It’s more akin to Sleigh Bells when they did Treats; if this is XYLO’s ‘Riot Rhythm’ then we’ll gladly take more of it.

Listen to ‘Bang Bang’ below.

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