Listen: Half Waif – ‘Turn Me Around’

Nandi Rose Plunkett, the frontwoman of Brooklynites Half Waif, has an Indian mother and a father with Irish, Swiss and American blood. That’s quite a combination. It’s perhaps little surprise that the unique cultural blend in Nandi’s veins gave rise to some of the themes and sounds on Half Waif’s upcoming record Probable Depths; after releasing their first LP KOTEKAN, she took a trip with producer Zubin Hensler to her old Massachusetts home and started to come up with some of the inspired rhythms that lace the sophomore effort.

‘Turn Me Around’ is just one of the teasers that hint towards the naturalistic, percussive sound of the new record. Nandi herself is in fine voice, reaching highs and lows not often heard before, and contains ethereal synths and keys that are light and airy. But it’s the use of odd snaps and claps that stand out, adding organic intrigue into the mix.

Listen to ‘Turn Me Around’ below.

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