Watch: Dreller – ‘Control’

Space! The final frontier. At least it would be if London-based multi-instrumentalist and all-round filmmaking pro Dreller hadn’t already got there. His latest track ‘Control’ is everything you want from a bleep-laden slice of electropop with hazy beats; like Metronomy at their most psychedelic and danceable, Dreller has made a song that makes high-pitched synth bursts sound thoroughly appealing.

Naturally, to go with the song he’s also created a four-minute animated masterpiece that sees him travelling the universe on the world’s most threadbare-looking spaceship. With little references to the likes of 2001: A Space Odyssey and a mish mash of crazy symbols (that looks a little like the weird language from Futurama), it’s a fun DIY romp through the furthest reaches of space. We’re also convinced that Dreller might be an alien. It would explain why he can seemingly do everything…

Watch the video for ‘Control’ below.

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