Listen: Kweku Collins – ‘Ghost’

Last year Evanston-based rapper Kweku Collins stunned us with his beautiful track ‘Memorial,’ a staggering slice of minimalism with tribal percussion and some brilliantly constructed lyrics. So needless to say that we’re always on the lookout for new music by Kweku and, after a few months of radio silence, he’s finally back with new single ‘Ghost.’

The self-produced track sees Kweku painting a pretty bleak picture with his words and not flowering anything up with the music. It’s built on the bare-bones percussion and sparse synths that made ‘Memorial’ so great and shows a definite shift from some of the brighter work that he was producing a few months back. So not only is Kweku a great rapper, he’s an amazing producer too. Makes you a bit jealous, really.

Listen to ‘Ghost’ below.

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