Listen: Kaleida – ‘It’s Not Right’

Together, Christina Wood and Cicely Goulder, who perform under the name Kaleida, have amassed over 10 million streams of their debut EP Think. Yeah, that’s right. 10 million. One. Zero. Million. That’s quite a lot by our calculations, yet Kaleida might not be a name too many people are familiar with. It’s not right.

Oh, that’s not what Kaleida are complaining about on their new single ‘It’s Not Right,’ though. They’re nicer than that. Their new single continues where they left off, with jabbing synths, layers upon layers of dense electronics and sharp propulsive beats that give your mainstream electro-poppers a run for their money. It’s a superb introduction to the pair’s new EP Detune, which is out now, and paves the way for their upcoming debut album.

Listen to ‘It’s Not Right’ below.

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