Listen: Night Moves – ‘Carl Sagan’

Astronomer, cosmologist, astrophysicist, astrobiologist, and all-round science populariser. If you’ve got a question about space then American Car Sagan is your man. We’re not sure how much he knows about twangy guitar rock, mind. Perhaps Night Moves’ music has the innate frequency of a moon rock though, as they’re channelling the cosmic elements on the latest cut from their upcoming album Pennied Days.

Named after the famed astronomer, ‘Carl Sagan’ uses orchestral and synth pads and mixes them with reverb-laden riffs and arena-ready vocals. It’s a richly textured song that mixes the futuristic with the classic, with a little smattering of piano for some lighter touches. It’s got more layers than the atmosphere on Pluto but is far from being as cold.

Listen to ‘Carl Sagan’ below.

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