Listen: Free Cake For Every Creature – ‘First Summer In A City’

First, before we go any further, let’s take a brief moment to reflect on what an immensely awesome name Free Cake For Every Creature is. Mastermind behind the outfit Katie Bennett could have chosen her own name or something more dull and predictable but instead she combined charity, critters and cake together into a lovely, lovely package.

And that lovely, lovely package just about sums up everything about her latest, ‘First Summer In A City.’ Like many of Free Cake For Every Creature’s songs, it captures a sense of wide-eyed wonder and manages to hone in on the experience of life using very specific adjectives and indicators. Nothing is vague in Bennett’s world and her words paint incredibly vivid pictures with her wonderfully crafted pop songs. You could only better it if you were eating a slice of ultra-fresh cake.

Listen to ‘First Summer In A City’ below.

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