Listen: Moxie Raia – ‘On My Mind’ (feat. Pusha T)

It’s not that often that we manage to squeeze in a well-known name into the pages of this site. But because American pop singer Moxie Raia has managed to persuade Pusha T to drop the rhymes about baby powder in favour of a guest verse on her latest tune, we’re making an exception. He is talking about baby powder right?

While we ponder whether or not Pusha might be singing about something, you know, illegal, some notes on ‘On My Mind.’ A little bit like the Ellie Goulding song of the same name, it’s a catchy number about not being able to get someone, well, off your mind. Except in this case it’s an ex and Raia uses a really sultry tone to convey her emotions. Pusha comes in to explain how it’s difficult to balance becoming a mogul while also committing fully to a relationship. It’s bouncy but heartfelt, meaning it really will stay on our mind.

Listen to ‘On My Mind’ below.

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