Listen: Race Banyon – ‘Surface’ (feat. Kenzie May)

Lontalius’ debut album of folk-tinged R&B jams that sounds like James Blake doing Bon Iver, I’ll Forget 17, is out this month. Why do we mention this here? Because the mastermind behind Lontalius, New Zealand teenager Eddie Johnston, isn’t one to rest on his laurels and also records under the name Race Banyon.

The Race Banyon project has already seen Johnston collaborate with Ty Dolla $ign on ‘What Are We Doing’ and, just like that track, his latest features co-production credits from DJ Dahi. ‘Surface’ features a beautiful vocal performance from Kenzie May and weaves a rich tapestry of trip-hop beats and synths that’s more full-bodied than Lontalius’ work. If you’re on the fence about Lontalius’ minimalism, then Johnston has made sure that he’s still got something to keep you happy.

Listen to ‘Surface’ below.

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