Listen: Overcoats – ‘Nighttime Hunger’

When we’re presenting the show every week until 11pm, sometimes the munchies set in (because the chatter we do just works up so much of an appetite. We talk about cheese a lot). I don’t think that’s the type of hunger New York electronic duo Overcoats are singing about on their latest track though. Although if you couldn’t sleep, we imagine you would probably get pretty peckish at some point…

But enough about our stomachs! On ‘Nighttime Hunger,’ Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell have created a sonorous number about insomnia that almost perfectly captures the idea that the darkness and sleep don’t always get on like a house on fire. Their playful harmonies and layered synths marry up perfectly to create a track that will, perhaps ironically, keep you awake and alert with its brilliance.

Listen to ‘Nighttime Hunger’ below.

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