Listen: Leapling – ‘Alabaster Snow’

Image: Anna Sian

You know a few weeks ago how we were kind of late for Valentine’s Day and we ended up playing a load of tunes about it a few weeks after it happened? Yeah, well, we’re doing the same for the 29th February. We have no sense of time. Frontman of Brooklynites Leapling, Dan Arnes, was born of 29th February, which means by our calculations he’s somewhere between four and six years old. It’s impressive that such a young person should be able to make such accomplished indie but here we are.

To celebrate Arnes becoming one year older, the band announced that they’d be releasing their new album Suspended Animation in June and shared ‘Alabaster Snow’ too. The band have stripped back, becoming a three-piece, and ‘Alabaster Snow’ certainly sounds more streamlined. But the pointed indie rock doesn’t stop Arnes from being pretty darn melancholy, intoning about being broken. There’s nothing broken about Leapling’s music though.

Listen to ‘Alabaster Snow’ below.

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