Listen: Morly – ‘If Only Chords’

Born in Minneapolis, based in Los Angeles, Katy Morly, known professionally only by her last name Morly, has been working up towards the release of her new EP Something More Holy. That means she’s locked herself away and collaborated with Stint, but her labours have produced something magical in the form of her new song.

‘If Only Chords’ sees Morly toe the line between electronic minimalism and maximalism. Weaving beautiful synths together to create an expansive yet somehow still restrained sound, Morly carries the song with her wistful yet powerful voice, which forms the ultimate backbone of the track. Percussion is sparse and the bass toys with whether it’s in or out but, despite sometimes missing these seemingly crucial elements, it’s nevertheless a brilliantly constructed pop song.

Listen to ‘If Only Chords’ below.

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