Watch: Kayla Painter – ‘efa’

Experimental soundscapes that catch the ear of electronic music guru Mary Anne Hobbs? Yes please! Bristol-based Kayla Painter impressed earlier this year with her first release on Turnstile Records, ‘Revert,’ a slice of ambient electronica. But her latest, ‘efa’ is a much more challenging listen, which is filled with reverberating basslines and handclaps before building up into something relatively extreme.

Kayla said of the track: “It was created with the dream essence in mind, wanting to explore the relationship between two elements, all the while never being sure exactly what is there. The track and video explore the relationship between real and unreal through the narrative of a modern day fairy tale.”

‘efa’ also has a suitably odd little video, which, as you can probably see below, has a goat man in it. Yep, ‘efa’ pretty much has it all covered.

Watch the video for ‘efa’ below.

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