An Interview With… Baywaves

Hailing from Madrid and brandishing a unique blend of tropical vibes and indie angst that they call ‘Hipnopop’ (think the Beach Boys tangoing with Yeasayer and our own indie upstarts The Hunna), Baywaves have become one of the most talked-about and hotly tipped bands to come out of Spain since Hinds. They’ve just released their debut EP, Only For Uz and have just embarked on a mini-tour of the UK.

We had a chat to the guys about their music, setting up their own collective and more.

Hi guys! How are things in the Baywaves camp right now?

Pretty well! Really excited with our debut EP coming out this week, working a lot to have everything ready and preparing our tour.

First of all, tell us a bit about your genre, Hipnopop. What is Hipnopop? What does it sound like?

I think it really describes how our music is a blend of catchy songs and psychedelic instrumentation. I mean we write pop tunes with a sonic wrapping that used to be more ethereal and now it’s more fuzzy-spacey, but always relies on effects and dreamy atmospheres.

The new single has been mixed by Joe Walker from King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. How did Joe get involved with the creation of ‘Marsupilami’?

Shout out here for the guys of Foreign/National. They’re an Australian band that we love and helped us contacting Joe as he produced their last work. We’re great fans of King Gizzard so it was amazing to see it happening!

The track is building up to the release of your EP Only For Uz. What might we be able to expect from the EP?

Well, the EP is kind of an introduction: it shows the evolution of the band since it started as a duo in 2014. There are two new songs, Marsupilami and Time is Passing U By, and two oldies that we reworked as a band. We feel like the whole sonic palette of synth textures, guitar effects or drum sounds that we use playing live is embraced in these four songs.

You were compelled to form the ‘Suave’ collective; what exactly is the ‘Suave’ collective and what are you hoping to achieve?

It’s basically a platform we’ve built to help young bands growing as we feel they’re really great but underexposed. We’re so happy and excited to have Alien Tango with us, a crazy 21 years-old genius that released his first EP recently. It’s one of the best things we’ve ever seen!

We feel like the whole sonic palette of synth textures, guitar effects or drum sounds that we use playing live is embraced in these four songs

With bands like Hinds and The Parrots doing well outside of Spain, and now yourselves coming to people’s attention overseas, do you think the Spanish scene is thriving? Are there any other Spanish bands you might be able to recommend to us?

It’s kind of unique what’s happening right now in Spain. In less than five years, the number of acts have multiplied by a thousand. Before, like Lou Reed said in that album about Warhol “No one ever came from here”. Now, there are really quality new young bands with remarkable goals and a fresh mind. We’d like to recommend Alien Tango, Sorry Kate, Cala Vento, Acapvlco or Awwz.

You’re going on a 15-date tour of Spain booked in. Are you looking forward to it?

Really looking forward to it. It’s our first tour around Spain and vibes from our latest shows couldn’t be better. This will also lead us to play in festivals that were a dream for us just some months ago so it looks bright.

What can we expect from a show by Baywaves?

Playing live, our main goal is to engage the audience. We treat the songs to be punchier and mix it with dynamic instrumental jams or rhythm tricks that help set the mood for the tunes.

Have you got any plans to come to the UK in the future?

Yeah, we’re visiting you at the end of this month on a three date minitour! It means our first time outta Spain and couldn’t be more eager to play there. We’d be happy to see you all guys having fun with us! You can catch us March 30th at Shacklewell Arms with Smooth Ends and Beach for Tiger, 31st March at The Monarch and 1st April at Sticky’s in Brighton.

Other than the EP and the tour, what else have you got planned for 2016?

Well, right now we’re working on new songs and having fun with a lot of sounds, from jazzy vibes to hip hop. Our plan is to work on this songs during the summer, hopefully somewhere by the sea, and try to release them before the year ends. We’ll try to continue touring after summer so hopefully we have a lot more of surprises!

Thanks for talking to us!

Thanks guys, see you soon!

Have a listen to Baywaves’ debut EP over on their Soundcloud page right now!

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