Listen: Cash + David – ‘Alright Now’

Londoners Tim Ross and Liz Lawrence got together to create a dance duo one day and decided to call themselves Cash + David. Sounds a bit like a cheesy 70s comedy group doesn’t it? Even the title of their latest track makes it sound like they’re going to be covering Free. But don’t let any of that put you off because none of it is true; Cash + David are the producers behind ‘Pains 4 U,’ one of our favourite slabs of synth-pop to come out in recent times and they’re following it up with something equally as grand.

Just to clear things up: ‘Alright Now’ is not a cover of a Free song. It’s even spelled incorrectly. Instead, it’s a slice of mellow psychedelia that’s like floating on a cloud made of candy floss and treacle. Sticky, sweet and pretty clever, like most of their work it takes a pop at the homogenous sheen that usually accompanies modern day synth-pop tracks. The clever pair.

Listen to ‘Alright Now’ below.

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