Listen: Charlie Cunningham – ‘Blindfold’

If you’ve ever heard of Charlie Cunningham before you’ll know that despite looking like an R&B star in the making, he’s actually a dab hand at the Spanish guitar. How? He spent time studying in Seville, which has made him a finger picking master, something he put to great use on his first two EPs. He’s so skilled that he probably won’t be completely stopping his guitar playing anytime soon, but his latest work from his upcoming third EP suggests that he might be going in a bit of a different direction.

The latest teaser from the mini-LP, ‘Blindfold,’ does make use of those lightning-fast fingers once again but it’s also distinctly mournful and employs some very vague lyrics to draw you in. It’s a little heartbreaking, really, but the masterly way in which Cunningham uses his guitar is just so mind-blowing that you’ll be crying with joy rather than sadness.

Listen to ‘Blindfold’ below.

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