Listen: Benedek – ‘Coolin’

LA has produced some great musicians who like to toy with the fabric of genres. Yes, Flying Lotus is one of them, mashing together jazz and hip hop into a blend that’s hard to resist. But very few artists from there tackle pure funk and you usually have to look elsewhere to get that fix. But perhaps we don’t have to look beyond the West Coast’s most star-studded city anymore as LA native Nicky Benedek is on a mission to bring the funk. Hard.

But, like some of his LA contemporaries, the title track from Benedek’s upcoming EP Coolin’ is just about as genre-melting as you can get. It’s filled with bass slaps that wouldn’t be out of place on any funk classic but also has some seriously jazzy electric guitar (not unlike the work of John Keek). It’s also wildly experimental as a result, and something that demands your attention. You won’t find this on any funk revival compilations but it’s an underground gem that you should cherish.

Listen to ‘Coolin’ below.

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