Track Of The Day: Luke Temple – The Birds Of Late December

As one season slowly begins to merge into another and the dark nights start creeping their way into the day earlier and earlier, Luke Temple returns to deliver the perfect autumnal tune.

luke-templecoverThe Birds Of Late December is the first track to be taken from the Here We Go Magic frontman’s forthcoming solo album A Hand Through the Cellar Doorreleased on November 11th through Secretly Canadian.

Led by delicate finger picked guitars and Temple’s tender delivery,  The Birds Of Late December is a bittersweet retelling of a divorce. The Birds Of Late December is the sound of leaves slowly falling from the drooping arms of their ornamental home – the vivid, bright greens morphing slowly into the warm, glowing autumnal auburn and cherry reds. It’s the sound of curling up on the couch, by the fire on a cold October night. Probably whilst watching a Wes Anderson film.

The track is the second of the eight that form what has been described as Temple’s “most straightforward collection” yet, telling tales of “dysfunctional, broken homes and of dysfunctional, broken people.”

The tracklist in full looks like this:

A Hand Through The Cellar Door Tracklist:
01. Estimated World
02. The Birds of Late December
03. Maryanne Was Quiet
04. Smashing Glass
05. The Case of Louis Warren
06. The Complicated Men of the 1940s
07. Ordinary Feeling
08. The Masterpiece Is Broken

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