Patawawa return with ‘Forget About It’

Patawawa have been making tropical waves for some time now but they’re making this Good Friday great, with their brand new single.

‘Forget About It’ is a delightful slice of blissed out slick funk, that’s almost antagonistically at war with its title. The song has one simple instruction and it’s combination of smooth bass, sweet electronic licks and light riffs, makes it impossible to ignore.

If you’re struggling to get the vibe in lockdown – lay on your yoga mat, close your eyes and imagine your spread on freshly cut grass. Your glass of water is a sweet, sweet cider and the glare of the television is the sun beaming down and giving life.

It’s four tropical minutes to cherish and the perfect way to spiritually escape quarantine.


Not only that, the Matlock trio are harnessing the power of their disco infused funk to help raise money for the Corona Virus Relief Fund, with 100% of the downloads going straight to the charity.

So, tonight, drop 99p on this and groove away, safe in the knowledge you’ve did some good.

Download ‘Forget About It’, the new single from Patawawa here.


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