Listen: Only Girl – ‘Heights’

The follow up to previous single Fortune, Heights once again sees Only Girl’s soulful vocals shimmer over sparse snares and euphoric, sporadic piano chords.

Listen: Violet Skies – ‘Jealousy’

You might know Welsh electro-pop artist Violet Skies from her appearance on the BBC Introducing Stage at Glastonbury, or perhaps her mighty late-2013 single ‘How The Mighty.’ Across the past year she’s been working on new material and what she’s emerged with is something a bit more restrained and much like many of her female…

Listen: Benedek – ‘Coolin’

LA has produced some great musicians who like to toy with the fabric of genres. Yes, Flying Lotus is one of them, mashing together jazz and hip hop into a blend that’s hard to resist. But very few artists from there tackle pure funk and you usually have to look elsewhere to get that fix….

Watch: Julianna Barwick – ‘Nebula’

Image: Derrick Belcham Fans of atmospheric ambient music rejoice! Queen of all things epic Julianna Barwick is back with a new album, Will, which is out soon and it can’t come too soon after the release of her last LP Nepenthe. As most fans of Barwick will know, she spends much of her time touring…

Listen: Charlie Cunningham – ‘Blindfold’

If you’ve ever heard of Charlie Cunningham before you’ll know that despite looking like an R&B star in the making, he’s actually a dab hand at the Spanish guitar. How? He spent time studying in Seville, which has made him a finger picking master, something he put to great use on his first two EPs….

Watch: Enemy Planes – ‘Bare Your Teeth’

Some people complain a bit about the immense amount of genres in the world today. But variety is the spice of life, right? Besides, it means that bands like Enemy Planes can make up their own genre. And they have, kind of. They call their music “tripnotic” and, considering their track ‘Bare Your Teeth’ sounds…

Listen: Cash + David – ‘Alright Now’

Londoners Tim Ross and Liz Lawrence got together to create a dance duo one day and decided to call themselves Cash + David. Sounds a bit like a cheesy 70s comedy group doesn’t it? Even the title of their latest track makes it sound like they’re going to be covering Free. But don’t let any…