Notes On… Soft Fangs

John Luktevich – the man behind the music of Soft Fangs – has spent much of his time recording within his own childhood home. That makes Soft Fangs a bedroom project, though the story behind his , self-titled EP involved a road trip to Massachusetts piecing together fragments of sound along the way. For his…

Notes On… Queen of Jeans

Last December at a New Year’s Eve party, the individuals between Queen of Jeans made a pact. And don’t worry, to our knowledge this pact didn’t involve anything as schmaltzy as the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants or involve satanism. We think. We think it was just all about getting together after years of being…

Notes On… Hydrogen Sea

Hydrogen Sea hail from Belgium, but there’s something rather reminiscent of Nordic nights in their slick glacial pop.

Notes On… George Cosby

You begin to get the feeling this is something that George, or you, won’t shake off easily.

Notes On… Gordi

In 1995, Gordy is a little pig who hit it big. In 2015, Gordi is a 22 year old Sydney-ite with an impressive knack for gorgeous electro folk pop.

Notes On… Leon Bridges

‘Lisa Sawyer’ sees the Fort Worth soulster channeling the greats Otis Redding and Sam Cooke to great effect, creating an authentic, gloriously warm Motown sound.

Notes On… Marika Hackman

If previous single Drown felt like being awash, sinking at the bottom of a beautifully haunting lake, Animal Fear is the trip through the deep, green forests that preceded it.