Notes On… Troves

Dropped on SoundCloud last month, ‘Afterthought’ is a simple but extremely effective slab of melancholic synth led electro-pop.

Notes On… Febueder

The first single to be taking from their forthcoming second EP release, ‘Lilac Lane’, ‘Owing’ broods with a beautifully relaxed complexity.

Notes On… COMPNY

COMPNY’s debut track, ‘Begging Me To Come Back’ a glorious slice of melancholic, tropical pop. Popical, if you will.

Notes On… Polarsets

Easing in like the soft crashing of waves, lapping up against warm, golden sands, ‘Madrid’ sees the Newcastle based four-piece paint gloriously sun kissed soundscapes across a healthy slab of effervescent, tropical indie pop.

Notes On… Zola Blood

By being able to mysteriously drop something as special as ‘Grace’ on an unsuspecting public, Zola Blood prove that if the music’s strong enough, nothing else matters.

Notes On… GOSPEL

GOSPEL is London duo Beth Anderton-Allen & Chris Willsher. They joined forces after Chris, formally of the now disbanded Creatures of Love, went on the lookout for a singer to join his new project. Beth was found and the rest, as they say, is history. Their debut single ‘Disasters Running Wild’ is out early this month and…

Notes On… Rebecca Clements

it’s a track burdened with emotion, weighed down by years of hurt way beyond Clements’ years. It’s stark, bold and, above all, captivatingly sincere. Like a big, glorious breath of fresh air.

Notes On… VYNCE

Sweet melodies and staccato riffs, with hints at a darker side from Merseyside four piece VYNCE.

Notes On… Jack Garratt

Water and music (probably) go hand in hand. Seemingly simplistic on the surface, with boundless hidden depths, pulling at different elements to create something new, fresh and exciting. It’s no coincidence London based Jack Garratt chose to title his latest track after the wet stuff.

Notes On… Yeah Boy – Can’t Get Enough (Sam Padrul remix)

It rained all day today. Absolutely hammered it down. If rain is how God shows he’s angry, then oh boy was he pissed today. It didn’t matter though. As soon as I got home from work I cranked this track all the way up and hey guess what? GOLDEN SUNSHINE RIGHT IN MY EARHOLES (and…