Notes On… Lists

Lists have produced a track as heart-warming as it is heart breaking and creating helps create the most impressively assured debut I’ve heard this side of 2014.

Notes On… Fé

The latest track from London duo Fe is near seven minutes of complex wonderment.

Notes On… Rhodri Brooks

There’s nothing of real beauty I could produce from a kitchen, I think. Well, apart from that one delicious Pancake Cannelloni I made that time. For that reason alone I’m incredibly impressed with Cardiff’s Rhodri Brooks, who managed to cook up a whole album of lo-fi, acoustic beauties right from his own stove.  Amongst the album’s,…

Notes On… Holy Milk

Holy Milk deliver an elegant and hypnotic slice of ethereal ambient groove pop that delves darker and deeper than dream pop ever has before.

Notes On… Battle Lines

In calling themselves Battle Lines, today’s Tipping Point tip have perfectly summed up their latest offering, I feel. ‘Colonies’, the latest track from the Leeds based quartet, seems to be fraught with inner conflict.

Notes On… Go Wolf

In 1995, Joan Osbourne asked “what if God was one of us?” It’s nice to imagine, I think. It’s a concept that Belfast trio Go Wolf (kind of) explore in recent single ‘Even God.